hometown of Santa Claus.

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland in Finland, located at the northern Arctic Circle
Lying at the junction of North and South on the border to the Arctic, 
Rovaniemi has become a modern town, full of life with its own unique characteristics. 

There are eight different seasons this far north, each having its own type of daylight, 
temperature and natural phenomena. The changing seasons offer excellent settings 
for a whole variety of activities. During the frosty twilight, you can ride a snowmobile 
through snowy forests or over a frozen river, the Midnight Sun on the other hand, 
takes you cruising in a boat on the river. Each season offers an opportunity to experience the town in a totally different light. 

Although Christmastime comes but once a year, in Rovaniemi you can experience Christmas throughout the year. Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland, is the hometown of Santa Claus who can be met on any day of the year at the Santa Claus Office on the Arctic Circle. 

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